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Q100 Course Risk Assessment

The Q100 (now designated Q100 (2019) from Q100 (2015)) Risk Assessment has been updated
Posted by: Webmaster 06 June 2019

Q10/44 Course and Risk Assessment update

John Longbottom has updated the Q10/44 Risk Assessment and Course details.
Posted by: Webmaster 31 May 2019

Q25/10 Course and Risk Assessment update

John Longbottom has updated the Q25/10 Risk Assessment and Course details.
Posted by: Webmaster 04 May 2019

2019 Updates

We are updating the website and at this stage the Officials and Affiliated Clubs is unto date. There will be some changes to the Courses because of road works and restrictions. More details to follow.
Posted by: Webmaster 05 January 2019

Q10/20 Risk Assessment

Q10/20 Risk assessment has been updated
Posted by: Webmaster 11 August 2018

2018 updates

The 2018 Event and Affiliated Club details have been updated. I am currently working on the Course pages. For 2018 only current courses will be shown. An Archive page will enable anyone with an interest in the old courses to find the details.
Posted by: Webmaster 19 January 2018

Risk Assessments Course on A20

There have been some changes to the Risk Assessments for the courses that use the A20. The latest RAs will be suffixed with "_2017"
Posted by: Webmaster 17 January 2017


The calendar of events for 2017 has been updated. If you spot any errors please email the to e-mail.
Posted by: Webmaster 02 January 2017


Due to a lack of marshals and other helpers Esther and the KCA committee have agreed to cancel this year's event. Hopefully it will be back in 2017
Posted by: Webmaster 17 July 2016


We understand from John Longbottom that due to roadworks the San Fairy Ann 50 has had to be cancelled. The roadworks are programmed to be completed before any future events are run
Posted by: Webmaster 10 May 2016

2016 KCA 12 Hour Course

There have been some minor amendments to the 2016 KCA 12 Hour course. The event starts in Bull Lane and turns at Singleton RAB (Not Ashford Matalan). Riders will then Turn at Kingsnorth 1 (also known as Park Farm, and esco RABs) retrace to the top of Ham Street Hill and follow the link road to join the A2070 northward. They will then ride to Cloverleaf where they turn and join the previous course. Revised distances are on the courses page.
Posted by: Webmaster 19 January 2018

Q10/27 Course details added

The Q10/27 Gorse Hill-Wrotham Hill course details and risk assessment have been added to the site.
Posted by: webmaster 13 February 2016

2016 Events and other information

The annual update of the web site has taken place so you should be able to see a complete list of the events (both Open and Club) as well as the updated list of member clubs (this changes during the year as new clubs join) and officials.
Posted by: 01 January 2016


All the Risk Assessments on the site have been checked and updated as necessary.
Posted by: Webmaster 10 May 2015

Course Revisions

Note that there are two new courses added to the Courses page and the Q50/1 has been amended.

The A20 course at Wrotham was altered. The Q10/26 was abandoned for Bexley club events this year following two accidents last year and a reversion was made to use the Q10/25. The Q10/25 uses the same start and turn but turns left off the A.20 at the bottom of Gorse Hill and then turns left again into Beesfield Lane rather than going straight on to the Antony Roper School.  

An alternative course for Paul Mephams hilly event was created after Paul could not get a hall this year - essentially going back to the version that started at the bottom of Charing Hill and using the new code of QS/17.  

Correct course descriptions for the Q10/25 appear in the handbook, but the QS/17 was created only in January when Paul thought about booking a hall.
Posted by: Webmaster 21 April 2015


The Dulwich Paragon have applied very late to run some club events.   These have been added to the Calendar    All events are restricted to their own club members only.
Posted by: Webmaster 01 February 2015


Please note that there have been some minor changes to the Risk Assessments for the following course: Q10/18, Q10/38 and QS/30
Posted by: Webmaster 19 January 2015


The information on the Club Pages shows the latest contact details for clubs affiliated to the CTT. If you want to race in a Time Trial you must be a member of an affiliated club. You can find a complete list of Affiliated Cubs on the CTT website
Posted by: Webmaster 19 January 2015


The Kent Cycling Association and Southborough Whs have jointly had an engraved timber Plaque fixed to the front of the Lou Bathurst Memorial Seat at Haffenden Quarter to commemorate the life of Warwick Dunford and the work he did over many years as General Secretary of the SEDC, and as supporter of all Kent Time Triallists. Unfortunately Joyce Dunford was not able to make the New Year's Day event so

Pat Hill unveiled the inscription on the bench at Haffenden Quarter commemorating Warwick "Spider" Dunford. Warwick was a stalwart of the Kent Cycling scene and the seat is a permanent reminder of his contribution.

This picture shows Pat Hill unveiling the seat,

and the following image is the inscription.

Posted by: Webmaster 11 January 2015

Latest List of Affiliated Clubs

The Clubs page has the latest list of CTT affiliated clubs. To compete in a CTT event YOU MUST be a member of a CTT affiliated club.
Posted by: Webmaster 07 January 2015

2015 updates

The event calendar has been updated.

Note that there is a new 100 mile course for 2015 (Q100(2015). We have made major changes to last year's course in order to cut out the short leg that goes up to the Orbital RAB at Ashford. There have been major changes in that area with traffic lights being installed by the truck park junction - not yet operational but clearly not too far away.
Posted by: Webmaster 03 January 2015

ESCA 100

The ESCA 100 has been cancelled as there are long term road works, which will continue beyond the date of the event, on the A22 between Halland and The Shaw roundabouts. It has not been possible to find an acceptable alternative course. In the circumstances, I feel I have no option but to cancel the event, doing so in time for riders to enter the SCCU 100 (details below), the only similar event remaining in Southern England this year.

Whilst unfortunate, this will preserve the reputation we have gained in recent years for running a high quality, friendly event. We look forward to returning in 2015 with a further fine time trial.

The Southern Counties 100 is on Sunday 27 July in West Sussex. Entry costs £8.00 and the Organiser is: Rod Starmer, 23 Tanhouse Road, OXTED, Surrey RH8 9PE. Tel. 01883 713043.

As online entry is not available, you will need to send a paper entry.

Bob Harber
Posted by: Webmaster 10 July 2014

Risk Assessment Updates

There have been some minor amendments to the Risk Assessments for the Q10/2; Q25/20 and Q50/1 and we have added a Risk Assessment for Q30/1
Posted by: Webmaster 17 May 2014


Course Risk Assessments are now included with the course details on the Courses page. If you notice any errors or omissions can you notify the webmaster of District Secretary.
Posted by: Webmaster 03 February 2014

GS Avanti/Sydenham/7 Oaks Tri

Additional dates have been added to the calendar for these club events. But please note these events are for riders of the three clubs only
Posted by: Webmaster 25 January 2014

2014 Events

The list of events in SE District are on the Calendar page. You can use the Club and Open links to select just the Club or Open events from the list. Full details in the CTT handbook.
Posted by: Webmaster 02 January 2014

De Laune CC Secretary

Please note that Tony Peachey has taken over as Secretary of the De Laune CC. Details on the club page
Posted by: Webmaster 03 June 2013

Event Amendments 2013

There have been a few changes to 2013 events.

The GS Avanti have cancleeed their Open Hill Climb Event on 5th October.

Rye have cancelled some of their club events on 26th April, 2/9/16/23 August.

There is also an additional club event run by Tri Spirit Team - 6th June - 10 miles - Q10/1 start time of 19.00. This event is for LADIES ONLY.
Posted by: Webmaster 16 April 2013

VTTA Kent Group 10 Result

You can download a copy of Saturday's Kent Group 10 Result sheet here
Posted by: Webmaster 10 March 2013

Q25/12 Course amendment

Please note that the Q25/12 course has changed slightly. Changes shown in italics:

Start at western end of layby on A259 near to Oasis diner (TR 033251). Riders should start in the layby at a point opposite the apex of the grass island separating the layby and the A259. Riders should join the A259 and proceed to Brenzett RAB junction of A259/A2070/B2080 left to Brookland RAB. Turn and proceed via Brenzett RAB (4.71 miles). Take 2nd exit onto A.2070 passing straight through Bridgefield RAB (M) to Cloverleaf RAB (13.68 miles). Take second exit to join A2042 to turn at Kingsnorth 2 RAB (14.2 miles) turn rejoining A2042 and fork left within 300 yards to Cloverleaf RAB. Take the first exit onto A2070 passing straight through Bridgefield RAB (M) to Brenzett RAB, (23.931 miles) where turn left onto A.259 to finish approx 25 yards west of access road adjacent to Prospect Bungalow. (25 miles) (TR 018260).
Posted by: Webmaster 03 March 2013


Please note that there is a new 100 Course for 2013 (Q100 (2103)). The details can be found on the Courses page. Deatils of the 12 Hour course will be published shortly but please note the 12 Hour course ften has to be changed at the last moment so the most up to date information will be on the KCA 12 Hour website (
Posted by: Webmaster 16 January 2013

Printers Error Thanet RC

Due to a printers error in the National Handbook the Thanet 2-up is shown as being on 6th April. It is in fact AS shown in our DC Handbook as Monday 1st April. The National website has been changed by Keith Lawton.
Posted by: Webmaster 03 March 2013

Brenzett Village Hall contact details

The contact for the Brenzett Village Hall was Jean Body at Vinall Farm, Snargate. This has not been so for 2012 as she has been very ill for months. The contact to get the key from is Mrs Bartelt, at 26 More Close, (the turning just before the VH). Her phone No is 01797 344209. The Promoters page details have been updated.
Posted by: Webmaster 14 January 2013

2013 Cub and Open events

You can find details of the 2013 programme of Club and Open events on the Calendar page.
Posted by: Webmaster 02 January 2013

12 Hour Course for 2012

The course for this year's 12 Hour is on the web site. It has changed from last year. You cna find the course here
Posted by: Webmaster 04 July 2012

CC Bexley and TA (SE) 10 Mile TT Cancelled

CC Bexley and TA (SE) 10 Mile TT due to be held on Saturday 12 May have been cancelled due to road works on the Q10/24 over running their schedule.
Posted by: Webmaster 10 May 2012

2012 100 Mile Course

The course for this year's 100 can be found on the courses page. It is numbered Q100 (2012). The course details include a location map and course and route profile.
Posted by: Webmaster 29 April 2012

Kent Vets 10 Wednesday 2nd May

Due to road works on the Q10/27 the midweek even on 2nd May 2012 has had to be cancelled. Unfortunately there is not enough time to get a police notice in to use the Q10/38. Could people please spread the word in order to stop anyone incurring an unnecessary journey? The 6th June event will be on the usual Q10/38 course.

You may already know but just trying to spread the word to as many people as possible.

Carole Gandy
Posted by: Webmaster 29 April 2012

Course Update

There ae new details for the Q30/2 and Q10/6. The Q30/2 course has been amended and a new 10 course has been prepared numbered Q10/6
Posted by: Webmaster 24 April 2012

Evening Event Cancellations

Unfortunately the Rye Wheelers will have to cancel their first two evening 10's due to the replacement of a short stretch of water main between Apledore and Woodchurch. The works to due to finish on or just after the 5th May so their first event will now be Friday 11th May.

Gravesend CC Tuesday eveing 10s on the Q10/24 are cancelled until May 8 due to the use of temporary traffic lights in order to finish the bridge/overpass and adjacent road surface and kerbing. Once restarted the bridge/overpass will be in use. Should the road work finish earlier then there will be a notice on the GCC website to that effect.
Posted by: Webmaster 14 April 2012

GS Invicta 25

The GS Invicta 25 on 10th June has been cancelled
Posted by: Webmaster 15 March 2012

Warwick Dunford's Funeral

Warwick's funeral service will be at Hadlow Church on Wednesday 22nd February at 1pm and afterwards at the Hadlow Manor Hotel.

Donations please to Kent Air Ambulance should be forwarded to the funeral directors - Sears Funeral Directors, 22 Church Road, Paddock Wood, TN12 6EZ. Tel 01892 836663.

To assist with catering could anyone intending to go to Hadlow Manor could they please advise either Les Hayman on 01892 532073 or Jo Watson on [email protected].
Posted by: Webmaster 09 February 2012

Warwick Dunford

It is with regret that we have been informed that Warwick passed away last night (4th February). Joyce, his wife and daughter Rosemary were with him.

At this point in time we have no details of funeral arrangements, as soon as they are to hand I will keep you informed.
Posted by: Webmaster 05 February 2012


Details of the new 10 course based around Sugarloaf, Magpie Hall Lane, Stubbs Cross, Coldblow can be found here
Posted by: Webmaster 29 December 2011


The list of clubs has been updated to reflect the latest information. There have been a few changes of contact names. If there are any errors then please let me know. Phone numbers have also been added.
Posted by: Webmaster 28 December 2011

Club and Open Events for 2012

The Calendar now includes details of the Club and Open events for 2012. Open event organizer details will be included in due course.
Posted by: Webmaster 27 December 2011

Gravesend CC 10

Any rider who has entered the Gravesend CC 10 on 20th August, please contact the organiser Graeme Moir urgently on 07747 675540 or [email protected]
Posted by: Webmaster 15 August 2011

12 Hour Course

Due to major road works the Canal Road will be closed so the 12 hour curse this year has been amended. Please see the course page for the revised course.
Posted by: Webmaster 29 July 2011


The 2011 12 Hour course is shown on the Course page. The details are also produced below.

Course description
Start in Kiln Lane Bethersden at field gate north of the junction with A.28 where
left onto A28 (M). Follow A28 in an easterly direction to 0.181 0.181
to Singleton RAB (M)  where take first exit.   Continue on A28 to (Matalan) Ashford RAB (M) at end of Great Chart By pass - retrace to Singleton RAB. Take 2nd exit to junction with Magpie Hall Lane at 4.459 4.640
New Street Farm,  turn left (M)  follow through Stubbs Cross to  1.710 6.350
Magpie Hall cross roads (M) turn left onto Ashford Road. 2.395 8.745
Follow to Park Farm RAB to (M) 0.909 9.654
Kingsnorth 2 (M) and straight over to 0.300 9.954
Kingsnorth 3 RAB (M)  (outlet centre) circle and retrace to  0.674 10.628
Kingsnorth 2(M) where left to 0.714 11.342
Orbital RAB (M)  circle and retrace to turn left to 1.346 12.688
Cloverleaf RAB. (M)   Take A2070 south over Bridgefield RAB to 1.270 13.958
Brenzett RAB (Little Chef) (M)   A259/A2070/B2080.  Take 3rd exit on B2080 through Brenzett mini RAB, Snargate, Appledore Station level crossing, over Appledore Bridge Royal Military Canal, and immediately left (M) to 8.906 22.864
Military Road (M)  to 3.967 26.831
junction with the A268 Rye (M) 5.754 32.585
Onto the mini RAB A259 (M)  Take left on A259 through East Guldeford to 0.145 32.730
Brookland RAB (M)  where turn and retrace to East Guldeford where 6.333 39.063
turn left on Camber Road.(M)  Follow through Camber (watch pedestrian lights) to Lydd by pass, straight on over small RAB (M) to join B2075 at T junction at north end of town turn righ (M)t, continue on B2075 to 5.356 44.419
Hammonds Corner A259 Junction  (M).  Left on A259 to 11.484 55.903
Brenzett RAB (Little Chef) (M)  Take 2nd exit to Snargate, Appledore, Rye, Brookland, East Guldeford, Camber, Lydd, Hammonds Corner to 3.282 59.185
Brenzett RAB (Little Chef) (M)  36.321 95.506
Repeat this circuit to Brooklands RAB (M)where 16.199 111.705
continue straight on to Brenzett RAB (Little Chef)  (M)(1st Rye Circuit) 1.298 113.003
turn left, retrace through Snargate, Appledore, Rye, Brooklands, Brenzett RAB (Little Chef) (2nd Rye Circuit) 17.497 130.500
turn left, retrace through Snargate, Appledore, Rye, Brooklands, Brenzett RAB (Little Chef) (3rd Rye Circuit) 17.497 147.997
Take 2nd exit to A2070, continue to top of Ham Street Hill  (M)where turn left to join old A2070, 5.050 153.047
at ‘T’ junction turn left B.2067 (M) through Ham Street Village to join 0.111 153.158
A2070 at Johnsons Corner  (M)turn left to 1.793 154.951
Snave Fork where left (M) through Poplar Farm ‘T’ junction (M) to 1.641 156.592
Ivychurch  and onto the 1.480 158.072
next left (M) direction St. Mary in the Marsh. Take right (M) turn prior to St Mary in the Marsh to join St. Mary’s Road at ‘T’ junction where left (M) to 1.127 159.199
Turngates Bridge (Trelor) 3.121 162.320
Follow lane to Newchurch (care on bends.  Take first left (M) on end of village to 2.448 164.768
Poplar Farm junction  (M) left to 2.905 167.673
Ivychurch  (end of Ivychurch circuit) 0.566 168.239
Repeat 2nd circuit 10.167 178.406
Repeat 3rd circuit 10.167 188.573
Repeat 4th circuit. At Ivychurch turn right  (M) (care), past Brenzett Air Museum 10.167 198.740
Brenzett RAB (Little Chef)  (M) where circle and retrace along A2070 to 1.525 200.265
Top of Ham Street Hill  where left (M) to 5.050 205.315
T’ junction with B2067 (Ham Street Road) where right (M)  (care) to 0.111 205.426
Sugarloaf Cross Road  and start of finishing circuit 0.808 206.234
Finishing circuit
Riders continue on B2067 passing timekeeper 1
Timekeeper 2 1.601 207.823
Riders continue to Magpie Hall Cross roads and turn left (M)
Timekeeper 3 1.378 209.213
Riders continue to Stubbs Cross and turn left (M)
Timekeeper 4 1.621 210.834
Riders continue through Shadoxhurst 
Timekeeper 5  1.552 212.386
Riders continue to Coldblow Junction and turn left (M)
Timekeeper 6 1.670 214.056
Riders continue to Sugarloaf crossroads and turn left (M) to continue subsequent laps  1.311 215.367



TK/1 TQ993353 2nd drain on lead to old A2070 90 yards after turning left 0.00 0.00
TK/2 TQ995376 Recessed gateway on right after ‘Southdown’ plus one bungalow, 1.601 1.601
TK/3 TQ987888 Southern Water Services adjacent to stream before Stubbs Cross 1.378 2.979
TK/4  TQ 967379 Entrance to wood - south east side of road before start of wood on north west side, 300 yards after de-restriction sign 1.621 4.600
TK/5  TQ963363 Double gate at footpath sign after ‘Hengehurst’ 1.552 6.152
TK/6  TQ974351 Opposite ‘Spot House’ Farm industrial site in space left hand side byway before PP25 1.670 7.822
TK/1  1.311 9.133
Data supplied by Peter Stone 7.5.2011
Posted by: Webmaster 09 July 2011

100 Course

Please note that there has been a minor change to the 100 course distances. Please see the revised details on the Course page.
Posted by: Webmaster 25 April 2011


The Kent Vets event on 12 March, and the De Laune 10 on the 4 April have been added to the site. Please let me have any results that you have for inlcusion on the site.

Posted by: Webmaster 04 April 2011

KCA 100 Date Change (at 19 March 2011)

The KCA 100 will now be held on 7 August.

After due consideration, the Kent Cycling Association committee have reversed their earlier decision to re-arrange the date of the KCA 100 to avoid clashing with the National 24 hour championship on London South District.

The promoter and course remain unchanged.
Posted by: Webmaster 19 March 2011

2011 100 Course

Details of the 2011 100 mile course have been added to the website and can be found on the Course page
Posted by: Webmaster 10 March 2011

KCA 50 and 100 dates are NOT changing

Despite the best endeavors of the SEDC the KCA Committee have decided not to change the date of the KCA 100 to avoid the clash with the National & VTTA 24 Hour being held in Sussex.

The 50 due to be held on June 5th will now take place on Sunday 5th June.

KCA 100 due to be held on 26th June will now take place on Sunday 26th June.

Posted by: Webmaster 31 January 2011

KCA 50 and 100 date changes

The KCA 50 due to be held on June 5th will now take place on Sunday 29th May. All other details remain the same. This event still includes the Tricycle Assn event.

KCA 100 due to be held on 26th June will now take place on Sunday 5th June. All other details remain the same. This event still includes the Tricycle Assn event.

These changes have been made to avoid the KCA 100 mile event clashing with the National 24 hour in Sussex
Posted by: Webmaster 18 January 2011


Details of the new officials, the open and club events for 2011 and some changes to the courses have all been updated. Can promoters please note that there are changes to the Start Time for club events. The finish times are slightly earlier than before. Some of the Hall contacts have also changed.

Any errors or omissions please let me know. Tim
Posted by: Webmaster 31 December 2010

Course Details

Apologies to visitor who have tried to use the location links on the Courses page. Unfortunately I made an error in building the page and I only realized today that they did not work. I have corrected the code and will endeavor to add the remaining locations shortly.

I have also started to add the course route and profile using the MapMyRide web site. The link will appear at the end of the course details box.

Posted by: Webmaster 18 October 2010

KCA 12 Hour Website

The KCA 12 Hour web site has been updated in advance of this year's event to be held on 5 September 2010. See the new web site here. The 12 Hour Archive is also being updated and will be ready shortly.
Posted by: Webmaster 04 July 2010

Kent Group "10" at "10" 2 June

A super morning with surprisingly fewer riders than we would have expected. Mat Miles managed a superb 21.42. I cannot recall a 21 minute 10 on this course before so unless anyone knows better I would say that this must stand as a course record. Please advise if you know of anybody going quicker. You can see the result here. The current standings are below.


Position Name Total Rides Marshall

Carole Gandy
Shay Giles
Laurie Broad
Graham Strugnel
Mat Miles
Rodney Harrow
Mike Daniels
Robert Giles
Bob Loader
Dave Parker
John Booty
Tom Morton
Duncan Leith
Alec Mayes
Alan Devriendt
Dave Mastin
Les Hayman
Trevor Bridge
Clive Nye
Richard Masters
Ian Turner
Alan Steinle
Tim Carpenter
Dave Elcome
Phil Gerry
Mark Wright
Liz King
Nick Gritton
Angela Nye
Posted by: Webmaster 03 July 2010

Open Event Organisers

I have updated the calendar with the event organisers I have for the Open events. There are a couple of gaps as the events were in the District list loaded on to the site, but I cannot see the details in the handbook. I can add Club event organisers or contact details if provided.

Please let me know of any errors


Posted by: Webmaster 28 May 2010


Can you please note that when entering a time trial the January 2004 form is no longer valid.

All entries must be submitted on the January 2007 form.

Any entrant using the january 2004 version will be asked by the promoter to re-submit their entry on the correct form.

The 2007 form can be downloaded from the CTT website .
Posted by: Webmaster 04 April 2010

Kent Cycles 25 (Solo and Two UP)

It was a wet morning and with the added complication of the M20 being closed down soon after we had started the event due to an accident and all the traffic diverted onto the course which made riding difficult.

I, as start time keeper only found out that the M20 had closed in both directions as I had dispatched the last rider thus left me with little choice but to allow the event to continue and I was very thankful that all the riders returned safely.
Posted by: Webmaster 27 March 2010

Kent VTTA 10

The result of the Kent Vets 10 held on 6 March can be downloaded here pdf document

Congratulations to all award winners. Medals and trophies will be presented at the VTTA (Kent Group) lunch which is due to be held mid February 2011.

On behalf of the VTTA (Kent Group) may I thank all riders who braved the cold northerly wind, some managing produce some sparkling rides. Ben Instone ventured into Kent again and turned out a ride a minute clear of Will Mangar, well done Ben. Phil Bull and Reg Smith seem to alternate in taking the Mick Dansie trophy, clearly it was the turn of Reg for 2010, nevertheless Phil was not far behind. The Thanet lead the teams home with Andy Burrows and Colin Inett while Stephen Berry was the fastest veteran on scratch and Kate Bosley was the fastest of the trio of ladies

Without our trusty helpers there would be no event so thanks to the timekeepers Christine Burrows (Thanet RC) and Peter Baker (San Fairy Ann CC) for their expertise. Peter was ably assisted by Claire Silvester (De Laune) Other helpers were as follows:-

Signing on  Bernard Austin San Fairy Ann CC
Pushing off John Booty Wigmore CC
  Neil Colvin 7Oaks Tri
Charing RAB Alan Brown West Kent RC
  Alan Constable De Laune CC
  Derek Duchemin Ashford Whs
Result Board & signs Tony Peachey De Laune CC
Tea Bar & Organiser Val Peachey De Laune CC

See you all again in 2011. Let us hope the weather is a bit warmer - but do not count on it.

Left at the start, two riding jackets, can the owners please contact Val Peachey who has them for safekeeping


Posted by: Val Peachey 07 March 2010


Please note that the Q50/11 course details have been amended. The new details are on the courses page.
Posted by: Webmaster 27 January 2010


It appears that there may be some errors in the DC handbook. It has been pointed out that the handbook shows the KCA 3 UP on the 14 April when it should be 14 March. We have checked the errors identified so far and the information on the web site is correct.


Posted by: Webmaster 23 January 2010


Many thanks to those who made it through the snow and ice. At 9:30 I really thought, with the snow falling, it would be cancelled. Then it stopped and cleared and a delayed start of 15 mins meant we could go ahead.

Thank you to all the people who helped, John Watson (Pusher Off), Jo Watson, David Watson(Marshals), Les Hayman and Warwick Dunford (Timekeepers), Dave Parker, Steve Connery (Food and Drink) and numerous other people who helped on the day or with advice before hand.

This was my last year organising the event. Steve Connery will be organising next year so make sure you look in the 2010 handbook for the correct contact details. Could I also gently remind people to pay the correct amount. There were a few people who thought it was still £6.50. Not a problem this year, but make sure you look in the handbook for next year's race fee.

Have fun cycling.


Posted by: Webmaster 10 January 2010


The dates for the Kent Group 10mile time trial held at 10 o'clcok on the first Wednesday of the month have been posted on the web site.
Posted by: Webmaster 19 January 2018


At last I have managed to get the time to sort out a new web site for the District. Part of the problem was with the post. Having sent of the registration for the new site on 7 September, the post office reckoned it had never been delivered. I eventually received the registration documents so knew the site was active. This was two weeks ago, so not bad going.
Posted by: Webmaster 21 November 2009